Bailey's work from 50-yards not an issue

IRVING, Texas -- If the Dallas Cowboys had a team full of players as good at their jobs as Dan Bailey is at his job then they really would be a Super Bowl contender.

Bailey has made three field goals in the preseason and every kick has been from 50 yards or more. He made field goal attempts of 52 and 50 yards in Saturday's 25-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins a week after he made a 53-yarder against the Baltimore Ravens.

"I don't look at it as a negative at all," Bailey said of his 50-yard plus attempts. "It's just an opportunity to put points on the board. Obviously the more attempts you get the more comfortable you get in those situations. So for me, it's just another kick."

Bailey has steadily improved his accuracy from 50 yards or more over his career. He made 2-of-4 from that distance as a rookie in 2011 and 3-of-5 in 2012. Last season he made 6-of-7 from 50 yards or more. His only miss was a 56-yarder against the San Diego Chargers.

He had three games with two made kicks of at least 50 yards last year.

"I'm definitely more comfortable in that range, but I think there's a lot that goes into it, just experience and understanding those situations, where we're at," Bailey said. "I've gotten stronger and more confident since I came into the league. I think it's kind of a mix of all those things."