Officials breakdown: Terry McAulay

IRVING, Texas -- Terry McAulay will be the official in Sunday’s regular-season opener between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.

In two preseason games, McAulay’s crew had 44 accepted penalties for 366 yards with 15 defensive holding, illegal contact or illegal use of hands penalties in keeping with the league’s offseason emphasis.

McAulay’s crew worked two Cowboys’ games last season, which were losses. They worked the 51-48 loss to the Denver Broncos, in which they were penalized nine times for 81 yards. They also worked the Week 14 loss at the Chicago Bears. The Cowboys were penalized five times with four accepted for 50 yards. The Bears had two penalties for 15 yards.

The breakdown:

Defensive holding - 2

Roughing the passer - 2

Unnecessary roughness - 1


First – 0

Second – 2

Third – 2

Fourth – 1