Dez Bryant's mind on 49ers, not money

IRVING, Texas -- A few days before the deadline set by Dez Bryant, no contract extension is imminent between the Dallas Cowboys and their most explosive playmaker.

That's not a problem for the Pro Bowl receiver, who would prefer not to discuss the subject.

"My mind is focused on San Fran," Bryant said, referring to the Cowboys' opponent in Sunday's season opener. "It's the only thing it's focused on. All the other stuff is going to take care of itself, I promise."

Bryant plans to cut off negotiations during the season because he doesn't want finances to cloud his focus on football. Bryant left no wiggle room to restart negotiations during the season if a deal isn't done by Sunday.

"Let me tell you something, done is done," Bryant said. "If I say it's done, it's done."

Both sides are committed to Bryant, who believes he deserves to be among the NFL's highest paid receivers, remaining with the Cowboys for a long time. They just haven't bridged the gap on sticking points in the contract discussions such as the amount of guaranteed money.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones had at least two one-on-one meetings with Bryant in an attempt to reach a deal last week. How far apart are they? Bryant doesn't want to say.

"Truthfully, it's been great talks," Bryant said. "But still, I'm not really into that right now. We got a game in a couple days."