Wade Phillips gets testy about the penalties

IRVING, Texas -- Coach Wade Phillips wasn't happy with a question during his Monday news conference about the penalties his team has received in two weeks.

The Cowboys have the sixth most penalties in the NFL with 18.

"You know I don't like your line of questioning," Phillips said to a reporter when asked about the discipline of the team. "You can ask me a question. You going in to players saying this. And you think this. Just say it."

When asked was he fine with the discipline of his team despite the number of penalties he said, "No, I'm fine with our discipline. We did better this week. We had a couple of penalties that we didn't agree with in the game that were called. We had six penalties. Six too many."

In 2009, the Cowboys were called for just eight penalties the first two weeks of the season and didn't get called for their 18th penalty until Week 5.

The previous year, Dallas was called for 21 penalties the first two weeks.

After the news conference, Phillips met with reporters again and was asked why he didn't like a question.

"I just didn’t like the way it was asked," he said. "You know that I know what you’re trying to get at. Or maybe you don’t know. That I’m not very disciplined and that the team doesn’t play disciplined."

The facts are that some of the Cowboys' penalties have been committed by veteran players, instead of younger ones. Jay Ratliff, Igor Olshansky and Keith Brooking are some of the veterans who have committed penalties.

"Their guys made mistakes too," said Phillips alluding to the opposition. "But we made a crucial mistake. We gave up big plays that we shouldn’t give up. That’s really the bottom line."