Tashard Choice on getting cut: "It's a blessing"

IRVING -- Running back Tashard Choice was picked up by the Washington Redskins on Monday afternoon after getting waived injured by the Cowboys.

Choice spent four seasons with the Cowboys and never received a bigger opportunity he craved playing behind Marion Barber and Felix Jones. But this season, the Cowboys drafted DeMarco Murray in the second round with the goal of challenging Choice for playing time.

With Jones out with an ankle injury, Murray broke out with a franchise record 253 rushing performance vs. the St. Louis Rams two weeks ago. It was clear coach Jason Garrett wanted to see if Murray could produce and when Choice injured his shoulder, it meant more time for the rookie.

So when the Cowboys released Choice, who was nursing a shoulder and hamstring injury, on Saturday morning it didn't quite surprise him.

"It's a blessing," said Choice, who was about to catch a flight for Washington on Monday night. "I wanted to be there and they wanted to go a different route. It's time for me to make my mark [with another team] and it's time for me to take advantage of my opportunities."

Choice said he watched the Cowboys 34-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night and voiced disappointment with the result.

"We didn't come to play," Choice said of the Cowboys. "They got the best of us and I'm pissed. I thought it would be a close game. I felt bad for my teammates."

Choice rushed for 1,139 yards on 250 carries with eight touchdowns in his career. This year might have been his least productive time as he rushed for just 75 yards on 28 carries and no touchdowns. It's the first time Choice finished a season with the Cowboys with no touchdowns. Choice did start the game vs. the St. Louis Rams but got only two carries. He fumbled on the second carry where he suffered a subluxation of his shoulder.

He then pulled a hamstring in practice last week and underwent a MRI to determine further damage if any. Choice said he won't play this week for the Redskins, who need running backs on their roster, but expects to be ready the following week when the Redskins go to Miami.