Cowboys looking for everything but QB

INDIANAPOLIS -- Jerry Jones sees the Dallas Cowboys' draft priorities as pretty wide open.

They'll pretty much take the best available player regardless of position ... with one exception.

"I’m looking at everything but quarterback," Jones said. "There's not a position we wouldn’t take with that first pick other than quarterback."

Jones said the only way the Cowboys would draft a quarterback was if they thought their was a great value pick in the late rounds.

That's an indication of the Cowboys' confidence in Tony Romo and backup Jon Kitna. The Cowboys haven't seen enough of 2009 fourth-round pick Stephen McGee to know whether he'll be a significant part of the future, but they plan to find out over the next six months.

The Cowboys have three good running backs -- and plan to keep Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice -- but Jones said he learned the hard way the last two seasons that a team can't have too many good running backs.