NFL Power Rankings: Cowboys now No. 8

Power Rankings day! Let's see how our teams finished in this week's poll:

8. Dallas Cowboys (Last week: 9): When the Giants were kicking around the top 10, I wasn't shy about expressing doubt about their worthiness to be there. Something about a pineapple was said, people got upset ... I'm sure many of you remember and those who don't couldn't care less. So are the Cowboys top-10-worthy? I think they have the talent to be that good, but I'm not sure they've really proved it yet. The defense is showing cracks. They're playing bad teams and barely winning. Don't get me wrong -- it's better to be beating bad teams than losing to good ones, as the Giants are doing. But I don't know that I like the Cowboys better than I like the No. 9 Falcons. And the No. 11 Lions and the No. 15 Jets did beat them. Let's just say I remain skeptical that any team in this division is one of the top 10 teams in the league, but I believe the Cowboys are at least capable of being there.

14. New York Giants (12): Middle of the pack seems about right for a team that's 6-5 and has been outscored by 25 points for the season. The Jets (15) might be better, might not. The Bengals (13) might be worse, might not. The Giants' Monday night performance could have cost them more than two spots -- it was that putrid. But it's the first game all year that they haven't given themselves a chance to win. Still more good than bad so far for the Giants, who are in the midst of a correction after their surprise 6-2 start.

18. Philadelphia Eagles (18): I guess when you lose to the No. 6 team, you don't automatically have to drop. I was just surprised the Eagles didn't after looking so bad against the Patriots. At this point, they're about where they deserve to be -- down there with the Titans, Bills, Bucs and a bunch of teams of which it's hard to think very much. They could move up yet because of their soft remaining schedule, but they're just not very good.

23. Washington Redskins (26): Finally, a tick back up for the Redskins after a six-week plummet. Mike Sando, who I think was at the game Sunday and (correct me if I'm wrong, Mike) has attended two of Washington's four victories this year, has them all the way up at No. 20. Hey, they could win a couple more now that they've rediscovered their run game. I never thought they were a bottom-rung team, and technically they could hit my preseason prediction of 7-9, although they'd need to shock some people along the way.