Does Campbell's 40 time matter much?

INDIANAPOLIS -- Maryland's Bruce Campbell, the 6-6, 314-pound left tackle with a Zeus-like physique, continues to be the buzz of the combine.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus believes Campbell's 40 time, which was officially clocked at 4.85, vaults him into the top 10 in the draft.

There's no doubt that Campbell is an amazing athlete, but how often do offensive linemen actually run 40 yards? Folks raved about Doug Free's downfield block on Felix Jones' touchdown run against the Eagles because it was so rare to see a tackle in that territory.

FootballOutsiders.com compiled a list of offensive tackles who ran sub-5.0 40s at the combine. It's a mixed bag. Maybe Campbell could develop into another Joe Thomas, but Allen Barbre's 4.84 40 hasn't helped him succeed in the NFL.