Recapping the Cowboys chat

IRVING, Texas -- I'm heading to Indianapolis today so we held our Dallas Cowboys' chat on Tuesday and had a lively discussion for more than an hour.

With the draft coming into focus, let's start off with a draft question from Travis in Oklahoma:

Was wondering if we was to take Pryor (S) with our 1st and Donald (dt) slips to the end of the first do you see us maybe trying to trade back in the 1st for him or anyone else who maybe drops?

Here's my answer: I wish I could give you the Cowboys' philosophy on this but it's been all over the board. Sometimes they've traded up and given up picks. Other times they've moved down (perhaps too far) to get more picks. It's an interesting question because you have a coach who is in a win-now mode and an owner in a win-now mode. I would not dismiss it, but this is where a general manager is supposed to have a long-term vision and plan. The Cowboys don't seem to have a plan or one that they stick to long enough anyway.

For the rest of the chat, click here. In it we discuss: