Aikman doesn't foresee joining Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- Last Friday, I mentioned Babe Laufenberg’s thought about Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman's possible involvement in the Dallas Cowboys’ front office, similar to the way John Elway operates the Denver Broncos.

It’s a terrific thought, but it would never happen. Appearing Thursday on KTCK The Ticket radio in Dallas, Aikman admitted he didn’t think it would happen with the Cowboys with Jerry Jones in control.

“Babe has been kicking the tires on that scenario for a couple of years,” Aikman told "The Morning Musers" show. “I think every guy who's played the position in the NFL and has spent time within the league has had maybe some aspirations, at one point in time, of moving into that capacity. I visited with John [Elway] last summer at length one evening at the Hall of Fame and talked to him about some of the challenges and the things that he had done there with the organization, and he's done a remarkable job. It's been very impressive. They've drafted good players. He's made good decisions, certainly, on bringing Peyton Manning in.

"Right now, I'm happy doing what I'm doing [as a TV analyst for Fox]. At some point in time, would I entertain the idea of intentionally getting involved with an organization? Yeah, I think that would excite me to some degree. Where that may take place, who knows? But the structure in Dallas is pretty much set. I don't anticipate anything like that would happen within the Cowboy organization."