Behind enemy lines: Brent Celek

Galloway & Company go behind enemy lines with Eagles tight end Brent Celek to preview the Christmas Eve matchup against the Cowboys.

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On the Eagle's early-season struggles:

When we started this season, I mean we did not play well at all. I don't think we played very well as a team, and the reason why I'm so excited right now, Galloway, is because I've never played on a team that has this type of talent and is now playing together as a team. And that excites me. What happened in the past happened in the past.

On Jerry Jones saying he's scared of the Eagles:

I don't know what to say about that. The way that we played these past two weeks, yeah. I mean we dominated games and we overcame adversity, which is hard to do in this league. I think I would fear us too at some point, but then again we've showed points of weakness. So we just got to prove that we're consistent, and if we continue to do that then I think a lot of people will fear us.