OK with Wade if Romo chose PGA over OTA

IRVING, Texas -- Tony Romo wouldn't have drawn the wrath of Wade Phillips if he went golfing Monday morning.

Romo wisely opted for football practice instead of trying to qualify for the Byron Nelson tournament, but Phillips would have been fine if Romo chose PGA over OTAs for a day.

"I wouldn’t have minded if he wouldn’t have been here," Phillips said. "I mean, the guy works hard every day and has never missed anything. He kept that streak going."

Phillips said it probably wouldn't hurt a player of Romo's stature to miss one OTA session.

Sorry, but I can't agree with that under these circumstances. Imagine the PR disaster it would be if it appeared that Romo cared more about his sporting hobby than his profession.

Fortunately, Romo is no fool. There was no way he'd send a message that football isn't his top athletic priority.

"It’s not like I missed out on something today," Romo said. "I got to go out there and compete and get better. It’s football, and it’s the funnest thing I do."