Chad Ochocinco not Cowboys' kind of guy

The Cowboys don't have a proven third receiver on the roster. Chad Ochocinco, a free agent after being released by the New England Patriots, has a resume that features 766 catches for 11,059 yards and 67 touchdowns in his career.

But don't count on Ochocinco's next catch coming with a star on his helmet.

You hear Jason Garrett use the same phrase to describe possible additions to the roster: "right kind of guy." Ochocinco, who is as much a reality show as he is a receiver at this point, doesn't fit that description.

The Cowboys don't need to invite drama into their locker room as Garrett continues to work on changing the culture at Valley Ranch.

They especially don't need to invite drama when it comes in a well-past-its-prime package.

The 34-year-old Ochocinco, who had one 1,000-yard season in his last three years with the Cincinnati Bengals, was the most overhyped nonfactor in the NFL last season. He was pretty much a spectator during the Patriots' Super Bowl run, catching 15 passes during the regular season and one during the playoffs.

Heck, Kevin Ogletree caught 15 passes for the Cowboys last season, and he's not necessarily favored to beat out a bunch of guys who have never caught a pass in the NFL for the No. 3 gig. If none of the Cowboys' contestants prove worthy of the job, they can always sift through the waiver wire after the preseason and hope to find someone who can be halfway as productive as September pickup Laurent Robinson was last season.

Signing Ochocinco, who once promised to kiss the star on the Texas Stadium turf if he scored a touchdown against the Cowboys, would be a classic Jerry Jones move. And Jerry might pull the trigger if Ochocinco was still producing 1,400-yard seasons, but that was five years ago.

Ochocinco on his last legs isn't nearly tempting enough for the owner to bring in the wrong kind of guy over his head coach's objections.