Halftime adjustments: Redskins 28, Cowboys 3

ARLINGTON, Texas -- We got a blowout in the first half here with the Washington Redskins beating the Dallas Cowboys, 28-3. Here's our halftime adjustments.

1. Pressure, pressure, pressure. We know it's Robert Griffin III, but the Cowboys have to get pressure on him somehow. In the first half, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan didn't reverse course from the previous week against Cleveland. He just kept the same format against Cleveland by sending three or four defenders. That has to change in the second half, but guess what, the Redskins are going to manage the clock by running the ball, so Ryan might be afraid to run blitz because Alfred Morris might just run by the Cowboys' defenders. When the Redskins are forced to pass, Ryan has to send the pressure.

2. Stop running the ball with Felix Jones. We're kinda surprised Felix Jones is starting today with two bad knees, but the Cowboys have 27 total rushing yards in this first half with Jones gaining just 14 on six carries. It's clear Jones can't make defenders miss right now, and while he should get credit for playing through pain, he's not making plays right now, so the Cowboys should start either Phillip Tanner or Lance Dunbar in the second half. Now down 25 points in this first half, it's clear the Cowboys will throw the ball a ton, but don't let Jones get near things in the pass or run game, he's not the same running back.

3. Try to give Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley the ball. The Redskins defense is going take Bryant out of the game as much as possible, especially in the middle of the field, somehow the Cowboys have to find Bryant. Place him in motion, the slot, send him on deep routes, but with Miles Austin questionable for a return with a hip strain, Bryant is the best passing option you have. Which brings me to Beasley. He's got a good feel for finding the ball out of the slot and when he catches it he's a tough man to bring down. So Tony Romo should continue to feed him out of the slot. We're not saying throw 15 passes his way, but make him a main target on third and short if the offense is in these situations.