Charity event with NFL players goes well

AUSTIN -- The third annual NFL Celebrity Weekend charity event benefiting Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas and 5th quarter Charities of Austin, Texas, was held the last two days.

Things finished up with a charity basketball game at the Austin Convention Center between some NFL players, including Roy E. Williams and Derrick Johnson, among others.

"It's tough on me [because] I have two kids myself and I'm a blessed individual that they’re not in the hospital," Williams said. "They're running around playing and running to daddy and playing basketball and things of that nature. It just humbles a person to see those kids laying in the bed and they can't do nothing and they're still smiling. It puts a lot of things in prospective."

Kasey Studdard, the Houston Texans' left guard, said pro athletes have to give back to their communities, especially when children are involved.

"I love it," he said. "It's good to give back to the kids and the children's hospital. I love doing that, seeing the kids. Kids are fighting though things at a young age, that we didn’t fight through. I just care for these kids. I feel better about myself talking to them and playing video games and saying we got your back."