Coach K: Enjoyed time with Jason Garrett

INDIANAPOLIS -- Last Thursday Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett raved about the chance to spend three days with Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Garrett and Krzyzewski spoke about handling players as well as scheduling and the structure of practices and meetings.

“I had very high expectations of Duke basketball,” Garrett said. “I’m a big fan, have been for a long time. My expectations were blown completely out of the water. It was amazingly good. Amazingly good. The people involved in that program, led by Coach K and his family, were really remarkable. It was a really, really impressive operation and something we aspire to with the Cowboys.”

It seems Garrett made an equally as favorable impression on Krzyzewski.

“He’s a remarkable guy,” Krzyzewski said on a Monday conference call. “Humble. We really enjoyed our three days together. I loved visiting with him throughout because it’s like talking to another head coach even though it’s a different sport. I was really impressed with him as the person he was and [he’s] sharp. Humble. Really a fantastic guy.”

The visit was set up by former Cowboys’ running back Calvin Hill, who is a consultant for the team and whose son Grant played for Krzyzewski.