Five-star answer: Murray's presence helps Romo

Five-star question: Will Tony Romo, who has not thrown an interception in his last 64 passes, keep his streak alive against Buffalo?

This friends, once again, will depend on the Cowboys' newest hero: DeMarco Murray.

It's not a coincidence that Romo has one interception in the past three games - a pass that bounced off Martellus Bennett's hands. It coincides with the emergence of Murray as the epicenter of the Cowboys' offense.

Murray has 466 yards and six runs of 20 yards or more in the past three games, which means the burden of the offense no longer belongs solely to Romo.

This is good.

Now, Romo shouldn't feel like he has to make every play. He shouldn't feel the need to force the ball into tight spaces. All of that's important, considering the Bills' 15 interceptions ranks second in the NFL.

Finally, he has a consistent running game. He can and will lean on it.

More important, Murray is also a good receiver who has proved he can make plays in the passing game. Romo should also feel at ease taking check-down passes to Murray if there's not an open receiver.

Dallas is 3-1 when Romo doesn't throw an interception. At 4-4, the Cowboys' margin for error is extremely slim.

Murray help Romo save the quarterback from himself, which means he won't throw an interception this week.