Five-star answer: Who covers Wes Welker?

Five-star question: Will the Patriots tie the NFL record of 14 consecutive games with at least 30 points this week?

Rob Ryan may be a tad arrogant, but he remains an intelligent football man.

He knows Tom Brady has been studying video of the Browns' win over New England last season, when Ryan orchestrated the last defense to hold New England under 30 points.

He knows that game plan won't work again.

So, yes, the Patriots are going to set a new NFL record this week.

Since Ryan's defense shut them down, the Patriots have torched Pittsburgh, Chicago, Green Bay, San Diego and the New York Jets for more than 30 points.

Let's be honest, each of those units is better than the Cowboys.

Maybe, the Cowboys will stop them for a little while like they did against Detroit and quarterback Matt Stafford. But once Brady finds a rhythm, it's over.

The biggest problem for the Cowboys is who's going to cover Wes Welker because New England always finds a way to get him the ball and he's the ultimate chain move. Darrelle Revis took him last week, and the Jets still couldn't slow him down.

There are no Revis clones in the Cowboys' secondary.