Draft cutting into Jerry Jones' social schedule

Jerry Jones' dedication to being the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys has never been more evident.

The man is managing to carve out time for the NFL draft during such a hectic time in his schedule!

Geez, Jerry probably didn't even get to go to the after-party following this morning's dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center on SMU's campus.

It was pretty poor timing for a high-profile event to be held in Jerry's neck of the woods. Heck, he probably had to stop celebrating a little early the previous night, when Jerry was on hand for the official announcement that the first real college football championship game would be played in his $1.2 billion football palace.

What focus it must take for Jerry to retreat to the Valley Ranch war room during such a fascinating time!

There's not another NFL GM important enough to get invited to the Bush shindig. Then again, there's not another NFL GM who would be caught dead socializing on the day of the draft. Or another NFL GM who would keep his job after delivering one playoff win in four presidential terms.

Such is life with Jerry, who refuses to give up the GM gig despite it ranking somewhere between pizza spokesman and panties salesman on his long list of part-time jobs.

The good news for Cowboys fans: Head coach Jason Garrett, personnel chief Tom Ciskowski and a bunch of scouts and coaches have made the draft their top priority for weeks or months.

And they'll get to talk to Jerry last, so they can trump any ideas W offered about what to do with the 18th overall pick.