Adams' agent: 'We told them our side'

Jordan Woy, the agent for Cowboys left tackle Flozell Adams, said he's talked to NFL officials about what happened with his client and the Giants Justin Tuck at the end of the first half of Sunday's game.

Adams pushed Tuck in the back sending the defensive end to the ground. Adams, through his agent, told the league he thought the play was still alive.

"We talked to the Cowboys and the league office," Woy said Monday. "It's all under review and we told them our side of it."

Adams was penalized for a personal foul. Coach Wade Phillips said on Monday he talked to Adams at halftime about what happened but wouldn't reveal the results of that conversation.

"Any altercation of that nature is reviewed for discipline," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

A league official told ESPN's Adam Schefter it's reviewing the personal foul penalty for potential disciplinary measures.

Adams and Tuck have a history.

In Week 2, Adams was penalized for tripping Tuck. Adams kicked Tuck in the knee and when he landed he injured his shoulder forcing him to miss the rest of the game. In that same game, Adams also was penalized for tripping Osi Umenyiora. The NFL fined Adams $12,500 for the two fouls.

After the game, Tuck said Adams was bush league for the kick and Adams said Tuck should have stayed on his feet.

The two met again Sunday at Giants Stadium, and the only real incident occurred at the end of the first half on a missed field goal attempt by Nick Folk. On the return, Adams pushed Tuck to the ground near the Giants sidelines. Adams was alone with several Giants players surrounding him as Cowboys' players and officials tried to break up the scrum.

"I laugh at stuff like that," Tuck said. "It just just proves what kind of dirtbag he is."

When asked what happened at the end of the first half, Tuck said, "They blew the ball dead and I was headed toward the sidelines and pretty much had stopped. And somebody shoved me to the ground from the back, and before I could get up he was engulfing our sideline. So I didn't get to sneak in any cheap shots in."

In the Cowboys locker room, Adams had this comment about Tuck: "I ain't talking about him. He's a nobody."

The league, according to Schefter, declined to speculate on the potential outcome of its review, but Adams at the very least will be fined and could wind up getting suspended.