Police report: Jay Ratliff 'verbally abusive' after DWI arrest

Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff was “verbally abusive several times” after being arrested for DWI early Tuesday morning, according to a probable cause affidavit from the Grapevine police.

Arresting officer Eric Barch wrote that Ratliff had been “cooperative and courteous” at the scene of the accident, but the nose tackle’s “demeanor changed considerably” after being transported to jail.

Ratliff, according to the affidavit, showed a total of 12 clues of intoxication while taking three field sobriety tests.

Ratliff, who underwent season-ending surgery to repair a sports hernia on Dec. 13, complained after his arrest about prior injuries that could have affected his ability to perform two of the field sobriety tests, Barch wrote. The officer stated in his report that Ratliff did not have any difficulty moving around the crash scene.

Despite "major damage to the driver side" of Ratliff's Ford F150 truck, he did not suffer any injuries during the accident with an 18-wheeler. The crash report states that the accident was caused when Ratliff's truck turned into the 18-wheeler, then turned sideways and struck a median protector.

Ratliff told the officer that he had been “chillin’ with a homegirl” in Arlington, Texas, and was en route to his home in Southlake. Asked why he was near the Irving/Grapevine border – an area out of the way if driving from Arlington to Southlake – Ratliff said he followed directions from his truck’s navigation system.

Barch wrote that Ratliff had a “moderate odor” of alcohol on his breath and had bloodshot, watery eyes.

At the jail, Ratliff refused to answer questions or provide a breath specimen. A search warrant for Ratliff’s blood was issued at 2:55 a.m., more than two hours after the accident. It will take at least 10 days for the Grapevine police to get the results of Ratliff’s blood-alcohol test.

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