Second quarter: Cowboys 28, Bills 7

ARLINGTON, Texas -- This isn't over, but the Cowboys are controlling things with a 28-7 lead at the break. We need to remind you this is the most points the Cowboys have scored at the break since 1998, when Chan Gailey was the coach. This is also the largest halftime lead this season.

Tony Romo is unstoppable: Tony Romo completed his first 13 passes, throwing his first incompletion toward Jason Witten with 5:48 to play in the second quarter. At the half, Romo was 18-of-19 passing for 237 yards with three touchdowns. Romo had a quarterback rating of 158.2. Romo led the Cowboys to touchdowns on their first four drives, and they are 7-for-7 on third-down conversions. It's the best the Cowboys offense has looked all season.

Murray is rolling: Felix Jones is on the sideline again watching DeMarco Murray make another case for him to become the starting running back. Murray rushed 11 times for 71 yards and one touchdown. Murray is doing a nice job of reading his blocks and when he doesn't have a block he's running with power by hitting defenders at the point of attack. The best run of the half for Murray was a 25-yarder with 13 seconds left. Murray had no room when he ran to the right side and then went back to the other side and ran across the field to complete the run. Murray appeared to suffer an undetermined injury with seven seconds left in the half and walked back to the locker room.

Cowboys defense: DeMarcus Ware has one sack and a pass deflection. Frank Walker, on a blitz, knocked the ball out of Ryan Fitzpatrick's hands on a pass attempt, and the Cowboys defense is dominating this game. Yes, the Bills had a score, but the bottom line is the Cowboys are getting pressure on Fitzpatrick. Down 21 points, the Bills can't afford to run the ball in the second half and will be forced to pass.