Does Terrell Owens still have it? 'I never lost it'

Allen Wranglers co-owner/wide receiver Terrell Owens joined the Ben & Skin Show – with special co-host Deion Sanders -- on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM on Friday, and had some interesting things to say as he hopes to use the Indoor Football League as a lauching pad for an NFL return.

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Do you expect to use the IFL as a catapult back into the NFL? Do you still have it?

“I've never lost it. Not a matter of me still having it. … I never lost it. If you look at my production every time I stepped on the field, that’ll tell you I've never lost it.

“Every time I stepped on the field with a team that already had a No. 1 receiver when I came in, and they were like, “Oh, I’m not gonna promise him a No. 1 spot.” I don’t want you to promise me a No. 1 spot. I will show you. I will earn that spot, and I will put up numbers better than your No. 1.”

What did you think when Randy Moss said he wanted to come out of retirement?

“It was news to me when he said he wanted to come back. There’s a lot of debate with a lot of analysts out there. Who would you rather have: T.O. or Randy Moss? It is what it is. We’re two great athletes. Depends on what you want. I’m not down on Randy. I think you’ll get results with him, but at the same time, you’re going to get results from me. Just depends on what you want, what you like.”

Have you looked around at rosters and said, 'I could fit there.'

“Not at the moment. I could fit anywhere. It’s all about an opportunity. I just want to be given a fair chance. …

“If you look at some of the teams that got into the playoffs, going younger has not helped them. You look at the San Francisco 49ers, with that group. They did great. They got to the NFC Championship, but that’s not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl. I’ve said it a couple of times: You look at that receiving corps that they had. Their starting receivers had -- out of them -- one catch for 3 yards. So you don’t think I could’ve helped that situation?

If you look at the Baltimore Ravens. They brought in, you know, younger guys the last couple of years. The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl. … It’s all about opportunity. It’s all about key plays.”