Cowboys talk to Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M)

INDIANAPOLIS -- While the Cowboys have plans to speak with Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, they've already spoken with Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson.

Johnson didn't speak with coach Jason Garrett or any other member of the coaching staff, but he did converse with the scouts.

During the East-West Shrine Game, Johnson ran a version of the Cowboys offense because Wes Phillips, an assistant coach with the Cowboys, installed some plays in the offense. Wes Phillips was coaching in the game because his father, Wade Phillips, also coached in the game.

"It was good," Johnson said of the talk. "It was the same stuff asked about what type of scheme and the type of plays I ran. I played in the Shrine game with Wes Phillips and the offensive staff of Dallas, so I got to know their offense a little bit. I'm sure it's a lot bigger than what they exposed to us."

The major issue with Johnson is his shoulder.

After his junior season, where he started 13 games, he had offseason shoulder surgery and struggled his senior year. He was benched after about seven starts.

Johnson said the biggest critique of him from teams is arm strength.

"I tell everybody to look at the film," Johnson said. "I can make all the throws that I did before. My shoulder is not a problem."

Johnson, who is a Houston native, said it would be a dream to play for the Cowboys and said he's heared he could get drafted from between the thrid round to signing as an undrafted free agent.

"I love to play in Texas," Johnson said. "I know how Texas people are about the Cowboys and there America's Team. Even though growing up, a kid in houston, if I could get a chance to play in Texas and be closer to my family I would love it."

Here is what Scouts Inc. had to say about Johnson. You have to be an ESPN Insider to view this.