Jones still holds grudge against Johnson

In the 20 years since Jimmy Johnson left, Jerry Jones has had six head coaches. For some reason, Jones still can’t get over the breakup.

And that is why Johnson, who led the Dallas Cowboys to a pair of Super Bowls, will probably never get into the Ring of Honor.

"In the Ring of Honor, the last word is honor," Jones said after Thursday’s preseason game. "And so you have to give that some thought and we have to look at the definition.

"Tex Schramm told me the definition is someone who made a material difference in where the franchise is. It didn’t have in there Super Bowl-winning coaches.

"It said, somebody that has made a difference in the franchise. And so that will always be a debate."


It’s hard to believe Jones has to think about whether Johnson made a material impact on the franchise.

He did.

It would make more sense if Jones simply said he didn’t like Johnson and didn’t want him in the Ring of Honor.

Johnson helped take a broken franchise to a championship as the Cowboys went from 1-15 to two-time Super Bowl champs in five seasons.

"Can you get over disloyalty and the understanding of what disloyalty is? Can you get over those items you’re talking about," Jones said. "Let me just say this: A lot of people had to get over a lot of things to get in a lot of Halls of Fame.

"We debate this all of the time. When was the last time they put a perfect one in a Ring of Honor or a Hall of Fame? I haven’t seen one."

Jones didn’t say he would never change his mind about putting Johnson in the Ring of Honor, but it’s clearly not happening anytime soon.