Jerry Jones: Worst deal wasn't Jay Ratliff

IRVING, Texas -- Tim MacMahon raised the point Wednesday night that the five-year extension worth $40 million the Dallas Cowboys gave to Jay Ratliff might have been the worst decision Jerry Jones has made.

Jones disagrees.

“Well, if I had a legal pad and could show you all the decisions I’ve made ever, it’s not the worst one I’ve ever made,” Jones said Thursday.

Laughter quickly filled the room and Jones flashed a giant smile.

Ratliff had two years left on his deal when the Cowboys signed him to the extension. He was set to make $8.66 million in 2011 and ’12 and was coming off four straight Pro Bowl appearances. In a way you could look at the $18 million guaranteed as part of the extension as an extra commitment of $9.4 million, so maybe it wasn’t the worst deal of Jones’ tenure.

But it’s not like they got their money’s worth out of Ratliff over the last two seasons either.

What would be Jones' worst deal?

Trading for wide receiver Roy Williams and signing him to an extension worth $9 million a year? The Joey Galloway trade? Extending the deal of safety Roy Williams? Or Terence Newman? Anybody else come to mind?