The Other Side: Kent Somers, Arizona Republic

We're back for another shot at The Other Side. This week, we speak with Arizona Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. Check out Kent's blog here.

Q: The Cowboys are worried to death about Patrick Peterson. Just how much of a threat is he?

A: He's a huge threat. He's returned four punts for touchdowns this season, tying an NFL record. He is so smooth in catching the ball that he can steal a couple of glances to see how close the gunners are. If they are blocked, he's going to try it. You have to pin him against the sideline. Punting to him in the middle of the field, as the Rams did last week, is a colossal mistake.

Q: Will Kevin Kolb come back this season?

A: I think he does, possibly this week. He practiced some last week and they considered using him as the backup in St. Louis but decided against it. There was concern that he wouldn't be able to get warm if he had to go in the game suddenly. The Cardinals are 3-1 in John Skelton's starts, but he has struggled the last two weeks. There's no quarterback controversy.

Q: Looks like Beanie Wells has really emerged as a quality running back in this league. How big has he been to the offense?

A: He's been the most consistent threat. Receiver Larry Fitzgerald is as good as ever, but they have trouble getting him the ball.

Wells has played through a knee a injury for about six weeks now, answering questions about his toughness. He's big and physical and defensive backs don't want to hit him. They have had trouble creating room for him to run in some games, however.

Q: Is Ken Whisenhunt in trouble in Arizona, or is the front office still behind him?

A: I don't think he's in trouble. He's under contract through 2013 at more than $5 million a year. Plus he has a little equity left from playoff appearances in 2008 and 09. But 2012 will be a critical one for him.

Q: Your thoughts on Sam Acho, the rookie outside linebacker.

A:He's one of the bright young players on this team. He's started the last five games, replacing Joey Porter, who is out with a knee injury. Acho should have been the starter throughout the season. He has five sacks, all in the last six games. Porter had five sacks in 22 games. Acho's always in the right place, and it appears the Cardinals finally hit on an outside linebacker in the draft.