Sunday's Cowboys injury report

ARLINGTON -- There were only two major injuries to report from the Cowboys-Redskins game.

Cornerback Mike Jenkins suffered a concussion late in the fourth quarter when he crashed into inside linebacker Bradie James on a tackle of running back Rock Cartwright. Jenkins, who is already playing with a bruised biceps injury, should have stayed down to allow the team trainers to tend to him. But Jenkins stood up and the Redskins ran a play.

Jenkins went down again, holding his head with both hands when the trainers came out and got him to walk off the field.

"I went over this last week with them and I emphasized this in a meeting and it perturbed me a little bit," coach Wade Phillips said. "But when you're hurt, stay down. The official actually went over to him and this guy said, stay down and he got up and therefore they let him run the play."

Jenkins wasn't available for comment after the game.

Quarterback Tony Romo is also hurt, he suffered a lower back bruise. After the game, Romo took a pain injection and was treated for about 45 minutes after the game.

As for the Redskins, running back Ladell Betts tore a ligament in his knee. Coach Jim Zorn said Betts will undergo an MRI on Monday.

"We've got him in a soft cast," Zorn said. "So, that's all I can tell you right now. We'll get a better evaluation after we get back."