Gerald Sensabaugh surprised former coach is fired

IRVING -- Cowboys safety Gerald Sensbaugh said he was surprised to see Jack Del Rio fired as coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday.

Sensabaugh was the Jaguars' fifth-round pick in 2005 and learned a lot about the NFL from his first NFL coach.

"Me personally, I thought Jack was a good coach," Sensabaugh said. "He was real big on discipline and held everybody accountable."

The Jaguars made a bold move before the start of the season in cutting veteran quarterback David Garrard and have never found a replacement in rookie Blaine Gabbert and vet Luke McCown.

"I see something where they said if he didn’t make the playoffs he was going to get fired," Sensabaugh said. "But then again they let go of their starting quarterback. I don’t understand having that. You're not going to win without a quarterback in this league, not saying the one that they have is terrible or anything but he’s a rookie guy and there’s going to be a learning curve."

Sensabaugh left after the 2008 season and has spent the last three seasons in Dallas. Yet, he still remembers the quality of coach Del Rio was in Jacksonville.

"I don't know it was kinda of weird," Sensabaugh said. "I didn't think he should have been fired. I thought he was a great coach. When I played for him, he's had some good teams over there. We could never really get past the hump. We got to the playoffs a couple of times. But he's a good coach and he’ll find a job somewhere quickly. I'm sure somebody will pick him up. He's coordinated before; That situation is just kind of awkward."