Michael Beasley is a Cowboys fan

We didn't see many Cowboys during our visit to the celebrity All-Star game or Rookie-Sophomore game on Friday night.

We did run into Terence Newman, who was doing some interviews for ESPN.

But we did talk to Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley and he told us the highlight of his weekend.

"It's been good. Fun," said Beasley, who played in the Rookie-Sophomore game. "I got to see a lot of old friends and superstars. I met Emmitt Smith, that made my weekend. I'm a big Dallas Cowboys fan."

When asked where did he meet Smith, the newly elected Pro Football Hall of Famer, Beasley said, "It was at a pool party. I met him with [actress] Vivica Fox. Now that was real high on my list."

Beasley said he thought the Cowboys should have won the Super Bowl in 2009. As for 2010, "We'll win the Super Bowl next year."