Houck breaks down the offensive line

IRVING -- Cowboys offensive line coach Hudson Houck is looking for some versatility among his offensive linemen and he broke it down for us.

Travis Bright is a center and guard.

Montre Holland, who will finalize a two-year contract on Monday, is a guard, though Jerry Jones said he might see some time at center.

Robert Brewster is a left tackle and is in line to become the swing tackle.

Pat McQuistian is being moved from tackle to guard.

Cory Procter is the center/guard.

First round pick Sam Young is mainly a right tackle. Houck said Young isn't ready to move to the left side yet.

As for the starters, only Leonard Davis, the right guard, could change spots, possibly moving to tackle, but that's not going to happen right now.

As for moving Doug Free into the new starting left tackle spot with Flozell Adams being cut earlier this month, Houck said: "We have confidence in him, but we can help him in any way. You have to keep the youth in your group. When you draft these guys you have to draft the right group."