Scandrick on Dolphins: Fault both ways

IRVING, Texas -- The Miami Dolphins drama has created an array of emotions from NFL players.

The Dolphins suspended guard Richie Incognito for conduct detrimental to the team after he allegedly treated a teammate, tackle Jonathan Martin, unprofessionally. Sources told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Martin checked himself into a Miami hospital because of emotional distress.

The level of hazing has raised questions about the conduct in NFL locker rooms.

Is there a problem?

"I don't think so," Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick said. "I don't know what happened down in Miami, but you got to put some fault on both ways. As a man, when you come into work you got to stand up for yourself, at some point. This is a different kinda place to be. This is a different kind of atmosphere to be in and I think as a man you come in here and you kinda earn your respect. Nothing should be given to you. It's hard to get into this locker room."

Cowboys defensive tackle Nick Hayden also didn't know much about the incidents with the Dolphins, but said after a rookie is hazed it should stop the next season.

"No one should be bullying anyone," Hayden said. "But he was not even a first-year player anymore, he was a second-year player. We’re all grown men around here, there’s no need for people pushing other people around."