Cowboys have no interest in Chad Johnson

OXNARD, Calif. -- Jason Garrett has typically given elaborate answers during his press conferences in this training camp.

Not so on the subject of Chad Johnson, the reality show star/receiver released by the Miami Dolphins after being arrested on a domestic violence charge.

"We haven't had any discussions about Chad Johnson," Garrett said.

Rough translation: There is a zero percent chance of Ochocinco joining the Cowboys.

Johnson doesn't fit Garrett's "right kind of guy" mold. Even if the Cowboys decide to pursue a veteran receiver, don't expect Johnson to be considered.

The Cowboys don't plan to add any veteran receivers at this point. They plan to give the young receivers on the roster every opportunity to prove that one of them can handle the third receiver role.

If Kevin Ogletree, Andre Holmes and the other young receivers in camp don't prove themselves capable, the Cowboys will likely attempt to address the position with a post-preseason waiver claim, as opposed to an unemployed big name.