Sound tackling key for Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- It's simple, but sound tackling is the key to bringing down Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch.

It's harder than it sounds, and the Cowboys will have to deal with that on Sunday when they visit the defending Super Bowl champs.

This season, Lynch has broken five tackles, tied for the fifth-most in the NFL. Of 69 plays, 7.2 percent have included from a broken tackle. Lynch has 306 rushing yards, but Wilson is also adept and breaking tackles and getting up field with his 209 yards.

Wilson is good at faking handoffs and taking off after the fake fools the linebackers. The defensive ends come charging in on the handoff, and by the time they realize it's a fake, Wilson is down the field.

It leaves the secondary with opportunities to make open-field tackles, but if they miss, good luck.

"You got to hit hard, especially Marshawn Lynch," safety Barry Church said. "You got to wrap him in, you just can’t go in there with a shoulder and think you're going to blow up the guy. He's too strong, way too strong. With Russell Wilson you got to treat him like a running back as well, if you try to pepper down, he’s going to slide or he’s going to stiff-arm you in the face and keep going. So we have to treat all those guys like running backs."

Lynch is a physical back who doesn't shy away from contact, but when he gets into the open field he's difficult to stop because it puts linebackers in a one-on-one situation.

"I think they’re equally the same," linebacker Justin Durant said. "When you got a guy like Marshawn who is one of the toughest guys to bring down in the league, he’s always going to be a No. 1 option. So you can’t really say that either one is more important. Russell is definitely a tough guy and Marshawn is tough as well."