Roger Goodell has nothing to report on grievance

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The results of the arbitration hearing on salary cap penalties imposed on the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins by the NFL are not in.

"I have not spoken or heard anything directly to Mr. Burbank about his timetable and time schedule or any other proceedings," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday morning at the end of the owners meetings. The hearing was conducted by University of Pennsylvania professor Stephen Burbank.

Both teams were penalized for overloading contracts in the 2010 uncapped season despite league warnings not to do so. The Cowboys will lose $10 million in cap penalties spread evenly over the next two seasons and the Redskins lose $36 million.

On Tuesday, the NFL owners ratified the agreement between the league and players' union that takes away salary cap space.

Both franchises believe they didn't do anything wrong because all the contracts were approved by the NFL and the NFLPA.

Goodell was asked during his 20-minute news conference just what uncapped meant.

"In 2010, the rules were articulated, and the rules were quite clear," Goodell said.