Jerry Jones at Bush Library no big deal

It's kinda silly that we're talking about this, but Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones' visit to the George W. Bush Presidential Center opening on the SMU campus today shouldn't be considered a big deal.

It's a huge deal that the center opened and Jones, considered one of the most powerful people in Dallas/Fort Worth, should be there, especially when he's had the Bush family attend games.

You could say that Jones should be at Valley Ranch all day waiting by the phone in case it rings.

Guess what?

Jones has a flip phone and it could buzz with a call from an NFL team, or his son -- executive vice president Stephen Jones -- could reach him to talk about a potential deal in tonight's draft.

But to say Jones shouldn't attend the opening today isn't fair.

If a deal needed to go down, Stephen Jones could handle it. And if he needed more information, Jerry Jones could have stepped away to talk. Any trade can't go down officially until tonight anyway, so there's no rush.

Last year, St. Louis contacted the Cowboys on Thursday afternoon about a trade. By the evening, the Cowboys had agreed to move up and eventually selected Morris Claiborne, the best corner in the 2012 draft class.

Jones is a public figure and goes to various events. While the Dallas Cowboys are his moneymaker, he shouldn't be ripped for attending an historical event in Dallas.