Stephen Jones: Memorial service helped healing

IRVING, Texas – Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones did not want to discuss the particulars of Tuesday’s memorial service for Jerry Brown, but felt it was important to help the team and family in the healing process.

“It gives you some closure in terms of that, but there’s never closure,” Jones said Wednesday.

Jones has been awed by the strength of Brown’s mother, Stacey Jackson, who requested Josh Brent arrive with and be seated with the family despite causing the accident that ended her son’s life.

“She’s an amazing lady,” Jones said. “They’re an amazing family in general, the step-father, the father. Amazing, amazing family. Obviously a lot of strength in terms of what they’re about.”

Jones also had strong words of praise for coach Jason Garrett.

“He’s been in our organization for a long time as a player, as a coach and as an assistant coach and none of it is surprising. That’s why he’s the head coach of the Cowboys,” Jones said. “We obviously hold him in high regard. As a leader of our team he certainly did well in the face of adversity in terms of how we reacted, how we responded and how he led men.”