Tech's Carter: 'I'm not a head case'

INDIANAPOLIS -- His image has come up early in every interview Texas Tech offensive guard Brandon Carter has had with an NFL team.

That tends to happen with guys who wore their hair in a spiky mohawk, displaying multiple head tattoos, and elaborately painted their face in pro wrestler fashion during their college careers.

"They think I have questionable character just because of the image they perceive from television, but I think once they get to know me they realize that I’m not really a head case," Carter said. "It’s just whenever I’m on the field, I’m intense. I’m very passionate. It just kind of psyched me out and pumped me up."

The face paint is a thing of the past, Carter said. His hairdo at the scouting combine is a good, ol' fashioned buzzcut, but he hasn't ruled out returning to the mohawk.

The conversative look isn't an attempt to convey a message to scouts and general managers at the combine. He's just trying to make his mother happy.

"Usually during the offseason, I grow out my hair anyway," Carter said. "My mom likes it better. I decided I’d grow it out for her, because I have to see her in a few weeks."

However, Carter has made one significant change to his appearance aimed to please NFL personnel men. He has slimmed down significantly while working out at Athletes Advantage in Wellington, Fla., dropping from 345 to 329.