Spurs offer Cowboys an example

IRVING, Texas -- For the second time this offseason, Jason Garrett brought up the San Antonio Spurs to his Dallas Cowboys.

The Spurs winning the NBA championship represented what a team means to Garrett and he wanted to stress that in his pre-practice speech to the players before Tuesday's minicamp practice. Most of the 89 players in the locker room paid attention to the NBA finals with San Antonio and the Miami Heat. Maybe some of them were Heat fans, or more specifically LeBron James' fans. But Garrett wanted them to appreciate what the Spurs did.

"My role in the whole thing is not to be a basketball coach, although we do watch tape of the Spurs and the Heat," Garrett said. "We show it to them, and I kind of do my best to try to make an analogy between what they're doing and what we're trying to get accomplished. I think there are so many great examples of them: you think about their team, you think about the makeup of their team; nine out of 15 guys are non-Americans, they didn't grow up in the AAU basketball system where it's ‘Hey, look at me.' They grow up understanding about team. It jumps off the tape when you watch them. What (Greg) Popovich said after the game, recognizing everybody in that organization -- ownership, the executives, the scouts, the trainers, the players, the coaches -- it takes everybody. And then if you take a look at what they did, their bench outscored Miami's bench 35-2 through three quarters. So everybody's got a piece of it. It's truly a team and they really are selfless in how they play. There's so many analogies that we all can take to what we're trying to get accomplished as a football team, or really just in life. They're certainly pretty amazing to watch."

The Spurs' win registered with Tony Romo. The Cowboys' quarterback referenced the difference in the Spurs in the David Robinson and Tim Duncan Era to how they play now.

"I don't know if we've ever seen a more exemplified of a team than what they've done," Romo said. "I think coach Popovich has done as good of job of any coach in the history of his time there ... anywhere. I think it's an organization that you look to and see the way they've done it has been a great joy to watch them. That's how basketball is meant to be played and it was a just a great collection of individuals who came together as a team and you can just see it. It wasn't about any one person and that's what all teams are trying to get to. They just exemplified what you strive for in team sports."