NFLN survey/popular coach: Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- In the latest installment of the NFL Nation survey, coaches enter the mix.

The 320 players asked could not pick their own head coach, so after the final vote was tallied, 28 head coaches received at least one vote. One defensive coordinator received two votes. Who? Former Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips.

Jason Garrett received one vote. Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was the winner with 77 votes.

Locally, the Cowboys’ vote was split between four coaches with two votes apiece. And all four were coaching in the conference championship games. Carroll, John Fox, Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh each received two votes among the Cowboys polled.

Mike Tomlin and Tom Coughlin received one vote each.

What does it say? The reputation that others might have of these guys as either tough guys or player coaches doesn’t matter. Winning matters. All of them have coached (or in Carroll’s case will coach) in a Super Bowl. Belichick, Coughlin and Tomlin have Super Bowl rings.

For Garrett to get more votes, he will need to win.