Cowboys look to get DeMarcus Ware free

IRVING -- For the bulk of the Cowboys-Jets game, outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware lined up on both sides of the line trying to avoid the constant double-teams that hounded him last season.

Ware started the game lined up over Jets right tackle Wayne Hunter and recorded a sack on the first defensive snap of the game. When the night was over, Ware finished with two sacks and three quarterback hurries.

Ware said he saw plenty of one-on-one matchups, but was shut out in the second half on sacks and quarterback hurries. Still, he was a dominant force, something defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wants to take advantage of.

"The biggest thing is we want to exploit the offense," Ryan said. "But by that is get DeMarcus not coming completely open, just have him one-on-one cause it's like him going against one guy is gonna be like him going to be completely open. That's our job as coaches trying to get that matchup."

As the season progresses, Ware will face more double-teams in various forms: Tackles and guards, tackles and tight ends and tackles and running backs. Leaving Ware alone with a tackle is a dangerous deal.

"He's got three guys blocking him all day," Ryan said. "It's like taking away one of your best players. As coaches [we] try to get him where he gets a one-on-one. Now if he gets a one-on-one, that’s great, but that doesn’t happen very often."