Trading down easier said than done

IRVING, Texas – There is a good possibility that by the time the Cowboys are on the clock with the 18th pick, all of the players they gave first-round grades to will be gone.

The prevailing and wise thought would be for the Cowboys to trade down.

But it’s easier to say, ‘Oh, just trade down,’ than to actually make a trade. There has to be somebody worth coming up to get. In a draft that does not have high-ranked skill players, it will be more difficult to find somebody willing to pay a price to move up.

And from the reports out there, just about everybody is looking to trade down. Maybe that makes a move up more palatable, but I think everybody knows how I’d feel about a trade up that would cost the Cowboys a second-round pick.

Two names could help the Cowboys find a trade-down partner: Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes and Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner.

If they are there at No. 18 and the Cowboys’ targets on the offensive and defensive lines are wiped out, then they could be in a spot to make a move and pick up extra early-round picks.

But the Cowboys have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario of having their first-round players gone and no trade partners available.

If they are stuck, then what direction (player or position) would you want them to go?