Jason Dufner hearing lots of cheers

IRVING, Texas -- When you win a PGA Tour event, as Jason Dufner did three weeks ago in New Orleans, you get recognized more by golf fans standing by the ropes in the fairway or sitting in luxury boxes by the greens.

And there were plenty of fans yelling "Duf" or "War Eagle" during his second round Friday. Dufner shot 66 to vault into the lead at 7-under par. The former Auburn golfer likes hearing the cheers from fans.

"It started last year after the PGA, playing in the Atlanta area, and being from the south you get a lot of Auburn fans," Dufner said. "I'm getting tons and tons more fans. People are recognizing me, even off the golf course, away from the golf course, so it's all been pretty good. It can be a little overwhelming if you're not used to it, so me and Amanda (his wife) are adjusting to it a little bit, but it's been good."