Jordan Spieth not rushing to PGA Tour

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Jordan Spieth was at Colonial Country Club this week. But he wasn't teeing it up with the big boys on the PGA Tour. Spieth was a finalist for the Ben Hogan Award and came to Monday evening's banquet.

Spieth talked to Carter Strickland at HornsNation and said he's in no rush to get on Tour. Here's part of Strikland's post:

"I plan on being here in the fall," said Spieth, a freshman at Texas.

Here means Texas. That's where Spieth has spent the last year, moving closer to the spotlight, winning tournaments, propelling his team to the No. 1 ranking in college golf headed into the national championship at Riveria Country Club in Los Angeles next week. Oh yeah, and in his off time, finishing 41st at the Valero Texas Open and not taking home $22,940 because of his amateur status.

"All that will come in time and he knows that," Jordan's father Shawn Spieth said.

Patience and an 18-year-old are an oil and water mix. Money is the match that makes it a floating conflagration that some have so eloquently dubbed a grease fire or John Daly.

Spieth is different. Not because of his talent. Although that talent alone does make him unique. It's because of his approach.

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