Looking for pro golf in the area? Check out the LPGA

IRVING, Texas -- I had a few hours of free time on Friday afternoon and someone suggested I check out the North Texas LPGA Shootout at Las Colinas Country Club. I'm glad I did, though I have to admit I was a bit jealous.

Like most amateur golfers, I struggle with keeping a consistent rhythm and finding the right swing path. I didn't see any of those issues as I walked the course on Friday afternoon. These ladies can play. And there were many golfers -- some of them members at Las Colinas Country Club -- mentally taking notes as they walked outside the ropes and watched. Count me among them.

I watched Michelle Wie go through a rigid preshot routine that never changed. She talked with her caddie, decided what she wanted to do and then make a swing of conviction. On the greens, she took her time and didn't allow anyone to rush her, even over 2-foot putts. I saw Morgan Pressel too. She had a large crowd following her, hoping she'd make a push to make the cut.

It wasn't nearly as crowded as the Nelson or Colonial, which meant you could hear the conversations the players were having with their caddies. I even stumbled upon a rules decision and got a front-row seat as a caddie pleaded his case on behalf of his player to a rules official about whether a player could get relief from an immovable obstruction. The answer, in this case, was no.

So if you want a chance to see some good golf and do so without huge crowds bothering you, do yourself a favor and check out the LPGA this weekend. They haven't been to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 22 years. Perhaps this is the start of an annual journey to our area.