Hole-in-one a surprise to Jim Furyk

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Jim Furyk’s not quite sure how he aced the 204-yard eighth hole.

“If you’re going to make a hole-in-one you wouldn’t think it would be on a back right pin placement on eight,” Furyk said. “I was just trying to land something in the middle tier and if it scooted back there great. If it didn’t, I’d take a putt at it. ... I took a 3-iron and choked it up and hit a draw and held it into the wind. It came out perfect, landed right where we wanted on the second plateau and scooted up the hill. I saw the fans standing up and the ball must’ve been eight feet short and kept rolling and rolling. I figured it might go by the hole and I was like, ‘Oh, no don’t go down the back,’ and it disappeared. So it must’ve looked good to them for a long time because they stood up quick.”

Furyk also eagled the par-5 first hole and was 4-under at the turn, but he made three straight bogeys and a double-bogey to give it all back.

“I was able to birdie 16 and 18 to make it a pretty good day out here,” said Furyk, “but it leaves me believing what could have been.”