Teachable moment for David Toms, son

FORT WORTH, Texas -- David Toms has attributed some of his recent success on the golf course to his son Carter, who has taken a serious interest in the game.

At The Players Championship last week, Carter, 13, was greenside as his father missed a par putt on the first playoff hole.

What a teaching moment it was for this was for Toms and his son after the dad won the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial this week. Toms saw a big lead disappear Saturday only to regain it on the back nine Sunday and not give it up again.

“Well, I hope he learns from it,” Toms said. “It’s a heck of a lot of fun to play the PGA. Why not? Why not work hard if you have natural ability and you have the resources that he is going to have. He is going to have golf instructors round him. He is going to be around golf. He is a talented kid already athletically. Maybe he will see, ‘Hey, this is fun.’

"I know that some of his friends are out there with him. They’ve been out a couple of times this year. We were riding home from New Orleans and I said, ‘Did you have fun?’ Does it make you want to work hard? He said, ‘It makes me want to hit until my hands bleed.’ ... Those kids are looking up to us as role models as what they want to do in the future.”