Mans. Timberview seeking new football coach

After a Cinderella trip to the 5A Division II state football semifinals, Mansfield Timberview now has an opening for a head football coach.

Mark Walker jumped on the opportunity to become the assistant athletics director for the Mansfield ISD last month, leaving his former post as coach and school AD currently open.

“From a business standpoint, staying in education, this is an opportunity that maybe wouldn’t happen again,” Walker said. “To get to work with the quality of people in our athletic department and the support of our superintendent we have here ... when opportunity knocks, you have to walk through the door.”

Timberview overcame the death of its offensive coordinator midway through the season and went 12-3 last season, making its first state semifinal appearance.

Walker said he was able to talk to his players before leaving his post at Timberview and said they understood his situation. Walker said the 2011 season allowed him to mark several coaching goals off his list of desired achievements, but when it came down to it, he had to live up to a mantra he preached to his team -- family comes first.

“We always talked about family first,” Walker said. “It’s just a chance to take care of my family.”

His time away from coaching will open up weekends he hasn’t had off in many years to spend time with his family and be a fan in the stands for Mansfield ISD games.

Walker said he would be actively involved in the search for a new coach and AD at Timberview, which Mansfield ISD administrators hope will be filled by the beginning of April.

“We’re in the process right now, the screening and interviewing," Walker said, "and by the end of the month or April we should have a new coach and athletics coordinator in place.”