Nike uses L.D. Bell players for product debut

Hurst L.D. Bell's football team helped Nike unveil its new Pro Combat uniforms. Travis L. Brown/ESPNDallas.com

Nike invited the Hurst L.D. Bell football team to Cowboys Stadium to help model its new line of Pro Combat football apparel Tuesday at the Nike Media Summit.

Players had the chance to go through Nike's Sparq training program, containing drills similar to those run at the NFL combine, as well as suit up in a new uniform and lace up Nike's new Alpha Talon cleats.

"Wearing the uniforms was a great chance to be with Nike and do that amazing stuff," junior offensive lineman Kimo Tipoti said.

The new uniforms contain light weight technology made to increase the speed and flexibility of the athlete. Some features include chainmail styled vents in the jersey and pants, padding sewn into the uniform and stretchable numbers.

"They're real comfortable," junior quarterback Kyle Romano said. "They jerseys are not too tight and you have room to breathe."

Also participating in the event were NFL stars Felix Jones, Ndamukong Suh, Clay Matthews, Steven Jackson and Dwayne Bowe. The pro standouts offered a few words on the effect new technology has on the high school game.

"It's awesome that these guys have this kind of equipment to use at an early stage of football," Jones said. "You can take what you know will work best for you and take it on to the next level."

Romano said wearing these uniforms would give his team extra confidence when they hit the field next year and with some help from Nike, the L.D Bell players hope they will get their hands on these uniforms in Raider blue.