All six Irv. MacArthur signees are leaving Texas

Icy roads prevented Irving MacArthur’s plans for a live streaming of National Signing Day.

“It is disappointing because it is such a big day not only for the kids, but for our teachers and counselors that play such a big role,’’ said MacArthur football coach Brian Basil.

When the weather is better, Basil hopes for a redo for the school’s 11 Signing Day athletes, including six football players.

With the ceremony on hold, Basil took to the road to deliver the documents Wednesday.

“For the kids to be able to sign in their homes was nice, too,’’ Basil said. “And I was able to do it without getting a dent in my truck.’’

All six Cardinals football players are leaving the state. The most prominent are defensive back Jalen Brown to Notre Dame and running back/wide receiver Johnny Haynes to Oklahoma State. Haynes rushed for 1,098 yards and had 476 as a receiver.

“The Dallas/Fort Worth area is a hotbed and we’re seeing more and more national recruiting,’’ Basil said. “We used to see Notre Dame a lot, then we didn’t for a few years, and now they are coming back since Brian Kelly became coach.’’

Basil said the current recruiting crop was aided by Cardinals who came before them.

“When college assistants come in the spring to see one group of kids, they also see the underclassmen.’’